It’s no secret the ability to reach new people organically on Facebook (organic reach) is on the decline. And with the intense scrutiny on privacy and security, it’s likely organic reach will continue to decline on Facebook. So how can we combat this dip in reach and keep getting fresh eyes on our content? Start boosting!

Boosting reaches a wider audience.

When boosting a post, you have the option to select which audience you want to target. This allows you to reach people who have yet to like or follow your page. It won’t give you as much control as Facebook ads, BUT you can still choose demographics like age, gender, location, income and more. You can also choose to boost the post so it shows up in front of your followers and their friends (users tend to like pages that their friends have already liked).

Boosting is easy!

It can be a daunting task logging into Facebook ad manager to set up your ads, create audiences, and write content. When you boost a post, it’s as simple as selecting your budget and picking whom you want to share it with. After a quick Facebook editorial review, your post will go live within minutes.

Boosting is effective.

The results are easy to see and your reach will be greatly increased by boosting. Follow up by looking at the analytics provided by Facebook to judge how well, or poorly, a post did.

Boost an old post.

Don’t have any new content? No problem. Boost one of your old Facebook posts to get more use from a high-performing piece of content. Or boost underperforming posts to help them gain traction.

You control the boost.

If your post isn’t performing as well as you hoped, you can cut the campaign short by ending the boost period. Or, if the post is still getting lots of attention you can extend the length and budget of a boosted post.

And finally,

Boosting is cheap.

It doesn’t take a huge corporate budget to start boosting Facebook posts and seeing results. A few dollars here and there can easily make the difference between 2 likes and 20 likes on your next post.