Have you ever shopped for a critical piece of furniture such as a table or couch, and in the store you think it looks fabulous, but once you get it home, it’s not the right fit, or the color doesn’t go with your paint or other décor?

Furniture shopping can be tricky. But what if you could virtually bring that piece of furniture into your home and assess how it looks before you buy it? Well, there’s an app for that, brilliantly designed by the mega home store, Ikea.

Ikea’s app utilizes augmented reality technology, allowing you to shop by virtually placing the piece of furniture from its website within the image of your room that’s displayed on your device. You can change the color, the layout, and other elements to work through the decision process. You can design your dream room right on your device!

All of this technology has a common goal: to create a more savvy and convenient customer shopping experience for people buying a product or service. Better experiences come with easier interactions, better communication, virtual demonstrations and trials, and more. This empowers the customer to make wiser, more confident purchasing decisions.