Not all technology and innovation is going to work for all business models, but without trying them first, or at least researching them, we can never know the possibilities. So let’s see how some of the larger companies are trying out augmented reality (AR) to make their products more accessible and popular. We’ll start with our first case study, featuring Neiman Marcus.

The high-end store has vowed to stay current with new technology, and even has its own department called the innovation lab, or iLab for short, since 2012. Scott Emmons, head of iLab, was quoted on, saying,

“While failures don’t produce an immediate return on investment, they do provide a valuable learning experience. Not everything works,” he said. "Most of the time, it won’t.”

“Your companies are geared toward success, and you have to think about these experiments not as failures, but as learnings that can be applied to future projects.”

So far, however, Neiman Marcus has developed some cool AR technology to help its customers get a convenient and thorough shopping experience:

Snap. Find. Shop:

When you download the Neiman Marcus app, you can take a picture of an item you like, such as shoes or a handbag, and the app will find something very similar to that item available for purchase. Whether you buy it or not, the app is kind of fun to explore.

Memory Mirror:

Neiman Marcus created a digital mirror so you can see different colors and styles on you. You can view outfits side by side to compare; you can save your “try on” experience to view at home later on, or you can share your images with someone else for a second opinion. Check out the YouTube video for a visual explanation of how it works: