Once you have your keywords defined, your SEO in place and your PPC up and running, how do you tell if it’s working for you? You want your business exposed to more people – your target audience – but in the end your ultimate goal is to generate revenue.

If you’re getting clicks into your site, but no engagements or transactions, meaning people are bouncing out, that doesn’t do your business any good. So let’s figure out how to measure the results of your keyword campaigns and analyze a good strategy going forward. The best way to do this is by tracking the users who visit your site.

There are many tools available to you, but the most commonly used tool is Google Analytics. It’s free and simple to use by embedding tracking tags into your site. You will be able to capture data such as number of visitors, repeat visitors, their general demographics, their behaviors like how long they stayed on your site and where they departed. This kind of information will help you make intelligent decisions going forward, and help you fine tune your campaigns or web pages.

If you find that people are bouncing out, maybe you need to try some new keywords, or your target audience needs to be reassessed. Or perhaps you simply need to rethink your content or call to action in hopes to better connect with your audience.

Whatever it might be, the answer lies in the data. Tracking and analyzing visitor behavior on your site can open up a world of insight into what’s working and what’s not.