For a typical consumer, the motivation to purchase a product or service is based more on emotion and desire, but when it comes to a business purchasing a product or service, decisions are based almost entirely on logic. Especially for small business owners, decisions must be made with precise reasoning for the company’s success and survival.

Let’s try to get inside the head of small business owners and consider some of the decision-making elements they have to consider before making a purchase:

Survival. Survival of the business is crucial, and even more critical to smaller businesses. Small businesses have less resources to work with compared to large/enterprise businesses, so every purchase decision comes under more scrutiny. Small business owners or executives have to make purchasing decisions based on a survival instinct.

Time and Money Savings. Small business owners wear many hats throughout the day, so anything that saves time can be beneficial. Time is money, you’ll hear people say, because the idea is the more you can get done, the more you earn. Though we can’t make the day any longer than it is, purchasing time-saving products or services may help. We have to consider, however, that if saving time isn’t saving us any money or making us money, there is no point to our purchase.

Success. Small businesses have to start from the ground up and growing a business isn’t always easy, so if a product or a service can help us succeed, we’ll buy it. Boosting business with a smart purchase that grows sales or leads or makes business run efficiently is a good call if it takes you down the path of success.

- - -

So what can you offer to small business owners? Does your product or service have a beneficial place within the above categories?